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Our core goal is to defend the accused; with a focus on DUI and Defense litigation. Call Now – an experienced defense attorney will go over your case and set you back on the path to peace of mind.


There’s no better way to get to know someone than through their clients and their peers. Check out what several of Seth’s past clients and fellow attorneys have to say about him here.


Seth offers a wide spectrum of legal services, including criminal defense and DUI defense. He will stand by you from before charges are filed until your case closes. View his complete list of defense services here.


Seth is a hometown businessman, born and raised in Putnam County. After attending college and moving away for law school, Seth is running his firm in his hometown today. Read his story here.

About Our DUI Attorney & Defense Lawyer Services

People hire defense lawyers when things could go wrong, are about to go wrong or have already gone wrong. Specifically with DUI’s, the situation can go from bad to worse in a matter of minutes.

If you are charged with a DUI, you know after bonding out of jail the next priority is finding an attorney who can help. Your defense attorney needs to be aggressive in the courtroom and willing to take your case to trial if necessary. You need a skilled and experienced negotiator. Finally, in these stressful times, you want a responsive attorney who returns your call same-day and guides you through the process.

Feel free to call and ask about my proven track record. If you are too bashful, feel free to text or email me. I have gone to bat for my clients and won, time and time again. I do not take every case that comes to me, but I offer everyone a free consultation to help explain their options and ease their fears. Ten times out of ten I’m able to help you or get you to someone who can.

Every case is different, but we are often able to provide DUI representation for a retainer of $1,500-$2,500. My office is not the cheapest in town, and we never apologize for that. You deserve top-quality representation and we know “there’s nothing more expensive than a cheap attorney.”

For those of you not currently facing a DUI, here is some parting wisdom to help avoid calling me in the future:

  • You do not have to answer any questions posed to you by law enforcement.
  • This includes whether you have been drinking and how much.
  • You are not required to perform any field sobriety tasks.
  • You are not required to give blood for testing. Though the officer may still acquire a warrant to forcibly take blood and refusal will like result in an implied consent violation.
  • If you do not feel free to leave, ask the officer whether you are free to go. If he says yes, then go. If he says no, then you are being detained and should ask to speak with a defense lawyer.
  • Always comply with law enforcement demands to exit a vehicle, enter a police vehicle, show them your hands, etc. If an officer violates your rights, an experienced attorney can have your case tossed out of court, but we can not bring you back from the dead.
  • Finally, DO NOT delay. Your attorney needs as much time as possible to build your defense and protect what matters most to you!



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