Client Endorsements

Has the highest standards and most of all….. he is a winner.

Given our detailed and complicated case, we interviewed several attorneys prior to making a decision. Word of mouth is highly regarded, this is the only way we would have discovered Mr. Crabtree with confidence. Now that the twist and turns of our case are over – we are so thankful we chose him.

Not only did he win our case, but throughout the entire process we were updated consistently by his office, which gave us even more peace of mind. Given how busy attorneys are in our legal system and the case load of other clients, we found this action to be highly unusual and appreciated. With Mr. Crabtree’s office this is simply standard procedure for all clients no matter how small or large. How refreshing and reassuring.

Also, it was a pleasure working with his very educated, efficient and kind staff members. Each employee simply added to the great experience we enjoyed.

Jim (accused of theft, charges dismissed)

You can tell from the moment you meet Seth that he is very knowledgeable and professional. He worked around my schedule and always made sure I was informed on how my case was going. He never diverted from the truth and always told me an honest answer on where I stood. He explained everything to were a simpleton like me could understand all the legal talk. Seth definitely hit a homerun with my case and I would never consider a different representative.

Blake Huffman

Thank You Mr. Crabtree!

Mr. Crabtree took my DUI case back in July 2016. I needed desperately for it to be brought down to a reckless driving charge and he was able to do that. A DUI would have affected my attempt at citizenship very negatively. But today my DACA renewal came in the mail which allows me to be in this country for another two years and I wouldn’t have gotten it without his help! You might not see what he did as a big deal but it was for me.

Beker Sanz, DUI Case

Seth Crabtree is absolutely the best!!!!

I ran into a little legal trouble, I had never been in trouble before and was scared to death. I bothered Seth more than I should have, emailing him asking about my case. He always responded quickly and professionally. He kept telling me that everything was going to be ok. In the courtroom he was absolutely amazing, things could have went real bad for me but he negotiated a settlement that everyone was happy with (the case was dismissed). He is the best lawyer, if I ever need to use a lawyer again, which I hope I don’t, I will use Seth Crabtree. I highly recommend him. He is an awesome lawyer!!!!!

Former Client (accused of sex offense, charges dismissed)

Highly Recommended!!

In all matters in which Seth has represented or advised me, I have found him to be open-minded, ethical, logical, and intelligent. He is thorough and meticulous and these attributes are reflected in his work.

Brendan, Estate Management Client

Seth is a great man! He always does what’s in his client’s best interest. He fights for what’s right!

Thaddeus Spady

Seth Crabtree helped a really good friend of mine out of some heavy stuff. He did everything in his power and was professional about the way he did it. He kept up with her case, and was very on point about having all the information from the other side. He is also very reasonable about price and did well when in court when fighting on her behalf. For your legal issues, he is one of the most honest lawyers in this state to get and have someone fighting for you. Thanks again!

John Madrigal

Dependable and Helpful

Seth is an awesome lawyer. He’s helped me through several things that would have turned out badly without him. He is honest, knowledgeable, and incredibly reliable. He always gets back to me and if he doesn’t know the answer, he knows how to find it out. He always answers phone calls and text messages and is determined to do what he needs for his clients. I will continue to use him!

Repeat Client

I fully recommend Mr. Seth Crabtree and his office to anyone….I cannot thank Mr. Crabtree enough…

I fully recommend Mr. Seth Crabtree and his office to anyone in need of legal representation or advice. He was honest, realistic, understanding, and most importantly, correct in everything he told me.

I found Mr. Crabtree online, and after a short conversation, I felt comfortable enough to hire him to represent me in what was an out of state court case for me. He was extremely professional, and always available if I wanted to talk. His ability to communicate and explain the procedures and possibilities, and walk me through any decisions I needed to make, are what made me feel in such capable and caring hands. I took his advice on all decisions I needed to make, and he never led me wrong. And to top it all off, he got my case thrown out, exactly as he said was possible if I trusted his judgement.

I cannot thank Mr. Crabtree enough for what he did for me.

Raphael Samson

A Legal Professional

Mr. Crabtree is one of the few attorneys practicing that is a legal professional. He provides knowledge about the law and your case, he excels in legal matters, and Mr. Crabtree will not judge you based on your past or the case in front of him. Mr. Crabtree treated me with respect, and effectively communicated with me throughout the legal process. When one needs legal representation, I do not have strong enough words that could show how Mr. Crabtree exceeded legal and professional goals for my personal case. Mr. Crabtree is encouraging, builds a strong relationship with his clients and supports you through the process. Mr. Crabtree recognizes individuals need help and is extremely generous with retainer fees for such high quality levels of legal service.

Mr Crabtree is the most open-minded, ethical, logical, and skilled attorney I have ever spoken with. It is an absolute pleasure to have known him, even under my circumstances, and his work for me and my legal needs could not have been handled with a higher standard of legal assistance. I simply cannot say enough about this young professional. Mr. Crabtree is an attorney that wants to leave the legal field better than how he found it. I have no doubt he will continue to practice and excel in the legal field. Thank you Mr. Crabtree!

Dr. Joe Denton

Seth helped me in so many ways. Not only did he get the resolution I wanted for my case, he made sure I understood every aspect along the way. If I had a question, he personally returned my calls, always making me feel respected and my time valued. I recommend Seth 100% to anyone needing a lawyer in the Cookeville area.

Emily Chambers

I will for sure go back to him for any…

I could have easily done a large amount of jail time, but Seth did everything under the sun to keep me at home with my wife and kids.
I was able to maintain my freedom and continue on with my life with very minimal consequences. I owe it all to Seth!!

He was very reasonably priced and ended up doing more for me than we had discussed with no additional cost just to make sure I didn’t go to Jail!
I will for sure go back to him for any and all legal matters I may have in the future. If you need an attorney look no further you have found an honest man who will fight for you and at a very reasonable price!!!!!

Thanks for everything you did Seth!

Cory Walker

Very Professional and Dedicated to Clients

Seth was superb at explaining my legal options in a no nonsense way. After giving me the information to make an informed decision as well as his recommendations, he made it clear he would stand by me whatever choice I made.

Super professional and confident, it was comforting knowing I could go home and let him handle the legal details. At a very stressful time, Seth made my defense one less thing to worry about.

Chad (accused of assault, charges dismissed)

Extremely Knowledgeable and Hard Working.

Mr. Crabtree is highly professional and an excellent attorney. He is informative and keeps in constant contact with his clients. He goes the extra mile to make sure his clients understand their case and what options they have. I was extremely pleased with how Mr. Crabtree handled my case.

Former Client (accused of DUI, charge reduced to reckless driving)

Professional Endorsements

Seth is diligent, intelligent, and zealous in advocating for his clients but in a no-nonsense and approachable manner. Ultimately, he is the kind of attorney who no other attorney wants to face in court, but the first name on the list if ever in need of legal counsel or advice. He passionately pursues obtaining the best results for his clients and I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of an advocate in the law.

Joshua Arters

Criminal Defense Attorney

Seth is always thinking strategically for the benefit of his clients. He’s invested in the outcome of the case and works toward the best possible outcome.

Kelsy Miller

Alimony Attorney

I endorse this lawyer.

Robert Gilligan

Criminal Defense Attorney



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I have known Mr. Crabtree personally since he attended law school at the University of Tennessee and was a member of the school’s prestigious Phi Alpha Delta Mock Trial Team. Only 8 students are selected from the entire student body each year to compete on behalf of the University. Mr. Crabtree’s courtroom skills are exactly the type you would want if you were charged with a crime. He understands the system, knows how judges think, and does an excellent job of putting his client’s best foot forward. I have referred several clients to Mr. Crabtree over the years and my clients have been pleased with Mr. Crabtree’s service and courtroom fight. The best lawyers don’t come cheap. He is certainly worth every penny of his fee.

Edwin Anderson

Social Security Attorney

Seth works hard for his clients and is a diligent and competent attorney. There is no doubt he will go above and beyond the call of duty in order to achieve the best possible result for his clients. I endorse this lawyer without hesitation.

Gordon Byars

Criminal Defense Attorney

I endorse this lawyer.

Wesley Bray

DUI & DWI Attorney